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Description of PPGSS

UFPE's Graduate Program in Social Work (PPGSS-UFPE) was created in 1979 and integrated into the Master's and Doctorate courses in Social Work. It received a grade of 6 in CAPES latest evaluation. The program's area of concentration is “Social Work, Social Movements and Social Rights", which are linked to 6 (six) research topics. The permanent faculty is made up of 12 permanent professors and 4 collaborators. PPGSS-UFPE's international position comes through research and joint publications, the participation of foreign visiting professors, postdoctoral studies overseas, doctorate scholarships abroad and cooperation projects in Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. It maintains an Interinstitutional Doctorate (DINTER) class in Picos, in the countryside of Piauí, approved by CAPES in 2013 and with 14 students enrolled. PPGSS promotes short-term academic activities aligned with the offer of semestrial courses on topics relevant to on-going research, such as lectures, workshops, seminars, mini-courses with those outside IES in the country and abroad, with the presence of invited external participants. PPGSS-UFPE is socially and academically recognized at the regional, national and international levels through interinstitutional Master's and Doctoral programs, OAE programs for student exchange, international missions for study and research, support for international student mobility, co-tutorship systems, along with the conducting of post-doctoral internships by its permanent professors in national and international IES.


Research Areas

Social Work, Social Movements and Social Rights


Permanent Faculty

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Ana Cristina Brito Arcoverde – Doctor of Sociology


Ana Cristina de Souza Vieira – Doctor of Social Work


Ana Elizabete Fiuza Simões da Mota – Doctor of Social Work -


Angela Santana do Amaral-  Doctor of Social Work


Helena Lucia Augusto Chaves – Doctor of Sociology


Juliane Feix Peruzzo - Doctor of Social Work


Marco Antonio Mondaini de Souza – Doctor of Social Work


Maria Alexandra da S. M. Mustafá – Doctor of Philosophy


Maria das Graças e Silva – Doctor of Social Work


Mônica Rodrigues Costa – Doctor of Social Work


Raquel Cavalcante Soares - Doctor of Social Work


Rosa Maria Cortês de Lima – Doctor of Urban and Regional Planning


Collaborating Academic Staff 

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Cezar Henrique Miranda Coelho Maranhão – Doctor of Social Work


Guillermo Foladori – Doctor of Economics


Valdilene Pereira Viana Schmaller - Doctor of Social Work


Vitória Régia F. Gehlen – Doctor of Urban Planning


Admin Staff (coordination and secretariat)

Coordinator: Ana Elizabete Fiuza Simões da Mota

Vice-coordinator: Maria das Graças e Silva

Secretary of the Program: Daniel Bernardo dos Santos

Administrative Assistant: Elynne de Paula Aguiar


Graduate courses - Master - Doctorate


Curricular Structure

Master’s (Click here to access) annexe 1

Doctorate (Click here to access) annexe 2



Research Lines


1 – State, Social Policies and Social Work Activities

Study on the relationship between government activity and social classes in the planning, implementation and execution of Brazilian social policies. Analysis of Social Policies and meditations on Social Work

2 - Social Work, Labour and Social Issues;

Research socio-historical determinations of the social issue in Brazil, particularly dealing with Social Work activities in the face of changes in the world of labour, class practices and government action.

3 - Social Service, Political Action and Collective Subjects;

The study of urban or rural social struggles within the sphere of social production and reproduction. Analysis of organisation and social mobilisation strategies and of the activities by social mediators, including Social Work, the correlation of political forces, organisational processes and mediations in the public and private spheres.

4 - Social Relations of Gender, Race/Ethnicity and Sexuality;

Investigating the dimensions of class, gender, race, ethnicity and sexuality that exist in the relationships and social processes with which the Social Work remains linked through professional practice and knowledge production.

5 - Social Work, Ethics and Human Rights;

Discussing and investigating the foundations and the ethical dimension of the practices and ideologies of social subjects and the government in the scope of human, political and social rights, in addition to ethical issues involved in Social Work action.

6 - Contemporary Capitalism, Agrarian, Urban and Environmental Issues.

Researching contemporary capitalism and urban, agrarian and environmental issues, focusing on ongoing social processes and Social Work activities on these issues.


Research Groups

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  • Research and Study Group on Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Environment and Planning of Public Policies - GRAPP

  • Research and Study Group on Government, Public Policy and Society  - GEPPS

  • Research and Study Group on Ethics - GEPE

  • Research and Study Group on Labour - GET


How to apply

Annual Selection through a specific public notice


Scholarships and Grants

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Dissertations and Theses


Contact Us

Phone: 81 2126-8374/2126-8872


Address: Pós-graduação em Serviço Social / UFPE / CCSA

Avenida dos economistas s/n sala C-24 1° andar. Recife - Pernambuco. 

CEP: 50740-590.