Publicações Publicações


Prof. Breno Ramos Sampaio

  • ELLISON, R. B. ; ALLISON, A. B. ; GREAVES, S. P. ; Sampaio, B. Electronic ticketing systems as a mechanism for travel behaviour change? Evidence from Sydney’s Opal card. Transportation Research. Part A, Policy and Practice, v. 99, p. 80-93, 2017. (CAPES A2, CL-index B)
  • MULLEY, C. ; Sampaio, B ; MA, L. . The south eastern BRT network in Brisbane, Australia: how much is added to residential house values as a result of the network effect?. Transportation Research Record, 2017. (CAPES A2, CL-index B)

Prof. Paulo Henrique Vaz

  • Vaz, Paulo Henrique. Discovery of natural resources: A class of general equilibrium models. Energy Economics, v. 61, p. 174-178, 2017. 2. (CAPES A1, CL-index B)
  • CAVALCANTI, TIAGO; Vaz, Paulo Henrique . Access to long-term credit and productivity of small and medium firms: A causal evidence. Economics Letters, v. 150, p. 21-25, 2017. (CAPES A1, CL-index A)

Prof. Rafael Coutinho Costa Lima

Prof. Raul da Mota Silveira Neto

  • MOURA, K. ; SILVEIRA NETO, R. M. . Individual and Contextual Determinants of Victimization in Brazilian Urban Centers: a Multilevel Approach. Urban Studies, 2017. 2. (CAPES A2, CL-index B)
  • FIRMINO, D. ; ELHORST, P. ; SILVEIRA NETO, RAUL M. . A Spatial Economic Model and Spatial Econometric Analysis of Population Dynamics in Brazilian MCAs. Regional Studies, 2017. (CAPES A1, CL-index B)